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Stop Acne from Running Your Life

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You deserve to take control of your own skin and define the life you want to live.
We are Singapore’s #1 beauty salon with a mission to build a world-class online community to support you in caring for your skin.

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Professional customized help to get rid of your pimples and smoothen your skin faster than you can imagine.

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Want to treat your pimples in the comfort of your home. We have the products you need for your skin type.

“I will keep coming back to Crystal De France for treatment, it’s all worth it!” Katy, China

Hi, I’m Maisy Wong.

Founder and Chief Aesthetician of Crystal De France.

Join me right now to learn to take better care of your skin. You are in for the most extraordinary experience of your life.

Have you been trying really hard to make your skin as perfect as you can? Just like you, I’ve never been able to make it perfect. But it’s not about having the perfect skin and body. It’s about feeling perfect every day. In my past 40 years of experience, I’ve seen problems of many kinds from acne pain to chronic hair loss. Are you losing sleep from such problems? I’m here to help.

Start transforming your skin today!