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We all know the skin under our eyes are very thin. Any other damaging factors like over-exposure of the skin to the sun and aging will cause it to be even thinner, hence causing more wrinkles forming.

Today’s topic is about removing wrinkles under the eyes, in this case we will dive right into it.

In fact, there are many different way to remove wrinkles under the eyes but if you want to do it fast, the best would be by medical or spa treatments.

Here are the best ways to remove under eye wrinkles fast

Laser Treatments

Using laser is by far one of the top method used to remove eye wrinkles. Our skin under the eye lacks collagen, and laser is one way to create an environment under the eye to stimulate growth of collagen. That would revitalise the skin much more and reduce wrinkles around it.

One known laser treatment is called “Fraxel Laser”, watch the video below to learn more:

Results are said to be immediate and progressive. Check with your doctor to find out if your skin is suitable for such treatment.

Dermal Fillers Treatments

One effective option to remove wrinkles under the eyes is using a dermal filler.

Many people are afraid of poking a needle near the eye. If the thought of it makes you shudder, don’t force yourself into this. Go for laser treatment instead.

Botox or Dysport Treatments

In this video, San Diego dermatologist Dr. Sabrina Fabi performs a Botox treatment on a patient. This is another effective method to remove wrinkles under the eye. She is injecting Botox around the eyes to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet. Botox relaxes the dynamic muscles that cause the wrinkles, giving the patient a younger, more rejuvenated appearance.


In general eye wrinkles are common conditions that come up especially as we get older. There’s absolutely no need to stress about them. But if you must remove them fast, hope the above examples give you an idea of how they work. It’s important to go to a certified dermatologist if you have more questions and intend to get treatment.

If you’ve ever tried them, do share your stories with us!